About Us

The Story behind Adventures Remembered

I love travel and the memories that come from it. I've been making travel memory books since 2017, they are a great tool and an even better memory book to look back on. I started off making these for a pre-wedding trip to take some of the stress out from planning and remembering what was happening and when, then I didn't really put any further thought into it until recently when I found the need to create 60+ of them! It was only then I realized no one else does anything like this and I should show the world how great these are! Since setting up the platform to sell these books I have added a lot of other products that I enjoy crafting and hope to see go off on someone elses adventures through life. 

We all go through so many adventures over our life-times, our life really is one big adventure! In my store you will find many handmade items for every day use, travel accessories, customizable items and more! I am constantly crafting and adding more and more to the store, so please check back! 

Caring for our world

Adventures Remembered will always try to keep waste to a minimum. As wonderful as it is to travel the world it can be very damaging at the same time, it shouldn't be the same for what we take with us. I will not use plastic packaging and any off-cuts or spare/scrap material will be kept and turned into something which will appear in the 'Additional Items' section in the store! Where possible, any packaging will be recyclable. Anything made of plastic that you find in our store is meant to last many lifetimes, like our memory books that can be kept and even handed down to future generations.

I dont like to waste any material, so you might see a lot of 'one-off' crafts available in my store, however, please get in touch if you need more than one or would like something custom created. I can add custom embroidery or other decoration.

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