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Hello! Welcome to my new blog!

I think it's only right we start with an introduction! I'm Becca, I'm the one that dreamed up Adventures Remembered while I was on furlough from my day job thanks to this pandemic blip we're going through. I'm now back at that but enjoying having a good reason to craft in my spare time! So, my day job is as a systems and network administrator, or as everyone here has decided to call me "The IT Gestapo" (Cheers, guys!) which in simple terms means I look after the network at work and all of the bits that surround it and I keep our data and network safe and secure. Adventures Remembered is a little bit different from that, and I actually like to keep away from too much technology when I leave work, so sewing and painting or cricutting things is a welcome change! Before I went in to IT I did study digital and traditional art and design at college, which was great, but the steps onward wanted me to be very particular in choosing my next year and I wasn't ready for that, I dont think I ever would be! Even when I went on to IT, I was always labelled as a 'generalist' because I've kept a wide net and not allowed myself to be pushed into a little cubby-hole of the career.

Moving on, through these blogs I'll likely be telling you all about the day/week I've had and a little bit about what I'm working on that you might see in the store very soon!

So keep a check back for more blogs soon!

Becca :)

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