It's starting to be one of those days!

You know the kind, you're this far into the day and not yet managed to get a sip of a cuppa while it's got any identifiable heat left in it! I didn't want to get out of bed this morning so that inevitably ruined the first one of the day, I made it in good time, but left it downstairs and by the time I've got dressed and made-up there really wasn't much life left in it!

To make the point that today wasn't going to be my day I got stuck behind someone going as slowly as their car would allow for my whole journey to work, so that took an extra 10 minutes of my day that I could have used better!

I got parked in an alright space at work when I finally got in, things are looking up! Until I get in, past the temperature check (I'm now called "Ice Queen" due to my consistency of being the coldest logged person in the office!), in to my office, and bam, what the heck happened on my day off! It turns out we had a bit of a tidy up of the office, however my desk was destroyed in the process. So I spent the first part of my morning moving my desk for the third time in the last few weeks (Yay social distancing!) as I'll need to move it again soon anyway, might as well do it while it's half deconstructed anyway! So now I'm set up, have far too many emails to get through and it's already half 9! Time for tea! Nope, still didn't get to this one while it had a reasonable amount of heat left in it. This time disrupted by shoddy planning at work, simply because no one likes to tell us in IT they are doing something and then expect to show up in our office and our crystal ball has told us what we have to have ready. Sadly, our crystal ball ran out of steam years ago and we didn't know about their little plan so another abandoned cup of tea and the reality of being back on the calorie counting has hit.

All I want to do now is go and raid one of everything from the vending machine! I've had a week off the diet as I've been ill (Awful lurgy going about, thankfully it wasn't covid though!) and I'm hitting it again from today and I'm already not enjoying it. It'll be fine in a few days, I know that, but I also know how good a raisin and biscuit Yorkie tastes, and that leaves me with problems!

So, my plans for the rest of the day.... try and get a hot cup of tea is at the top of the list, try and close off a couple of loose ends at work and drag my to-do list into October! When I get home though, really hoping my little man is feeling better and bed time is a little easier than the last few nights, he's really not coping well with this cold, but then at 2 you dont know whats going on so I dont blame him! Once he's settled and I've stared into the fridge for too long searching for a low calorie tea I'll most likely be sat by the fire, something on on Netflix while I finish a few more leather-bound notebooks and sketchbooks.

I'm really enjoying the notebooks at the moment, I wanted to learn to bind books years ago but never got around to trying it. It's fiddly, and my clumsy hands arent really best suited to it, but I am enjoying it and looking forward to learning more stitches and embroidering a few covers for them.

Anyway, I better get on with some real work, I hope you have had a better start to your day and I hope you get to enjoy a hot drink of your choice while it's actually still hot!


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