Fully Personalised Travel Guide Book

Fully Personalised Travel Guide Book


A personalised book with each of the details of your trip and space to add your own momentos. Handy for in the airport, car hire desk, train station and hotel reception, with all of the information you need in one place, with room to keep your boarding pass and passport, and any other tickets you might need. Orders of multiple books can have the same information on but personalised to each individual or group with their name or other details as required.


Please fill out as much information as possible in order for us to create the best personalised book for you. Your answers will guide how the book is created. If you would like a less personalised book, please see our other options listed under 'Travel Guides'.



When we have recieved your order, we will email a form to the email address provided below. Please complete this with as many details as possible. If there is any information you are not comfortable providing, please let us know, along with whether you do not want this line included in this book or you would rather we leave a space for you to fill in yourself.

In the box provided, please let us know a breif overview of your trip so we can send a more applicable form, if we do not have enough details in this space we may send you a generic form that doesnt suit your trip as well as our other forms. 


Example of a breif trip overview;

"Driving to airport, parking at the airport, flying to 'destination', hiring a car. Staying in one hotel. Beach holiday but also visiting a theme park.


Train to 'destination' staying in a caravan, exploring 3 nearby attractions.


Your Data;

Any information sent to us will be stored on a secure server and destroyed upon shipping of the book to you. The information supplied will never be sold or given to any other individual or company and will only ever be accessed by the individual creating your personalised book. 



The covers come in a variety of colours and materials.

PVC/Oilcloth style - easy to clean, hard wearing

Leatherette - Thicker but soft, easy to clean, hard wearing

Cotton - Soft to touch, thinner book overall

Cover style

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